Friday, February 22, 2008

Sole Fitness Canada

The Sole Treadmills Story
Sole brings over twenty years of treadmill and fitness product design and manufacturing to the table in our line of innovative equipment designed for fitness conscious people.Sole Treadmills are preferred and used exclusively by hotels nationwide for In Room Fitness. In addition Sole Treadmills have also received great ratings from the for our high quality.Our entry into the market features our treadmill line that is simple in design, with an emphasis on quality and warranty all at a great price. These treadmills offer great value and are the most portable treadmills available. They have a very stable base with four wheels for ease of movement, folding decks to conserve space and a 30-year motor and lifetime deck and frame warranty.At Sole we are always looking for ways to make our equipment better, more efficient, with higher quality at a great price. Look for new equipment in the future in variety of different areas. More importantly, look for innovative fitness ideas from Sole that have dedicated fitness people in mind. These ideas will make it easy for people to stay in shape, or follow a fitness plan regardless of where they are.

Treadmill advice... Great site!

How to shop for a treadmill and what to look for:
"At this stage in the game you must take your time, and gather information. Concentrate on the mechanics of the treadmill, rather than its bells and whistles. The most critical components of a treadmill are outlined below. Purchasing your treadmill from a specialty store that specializes in treadmills sales and service will ensure more knowledgeable staff to help you; both before, and after the sale.
Your shopping experience should be as painless as possible. Try to avoid pushy commission based sales personnel. Ask to see if the store you are purchasing from does their own service for the product that they sell. It is always a good idea to purchase from a company that services what they sell versus a third party service provider. Ask how long it takes to get service should you require it. It is important to feel good about the place you will be purchasing your treadmill from because you will have to deal with them again. Remember that treadmills have common wear items such as belts and decks. "

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Kettlebell Craze in Canada

Being in the fitness industry I have seen the demand of these things skyrocket through the roof. At first I thought it was a "FAD", but seeing them and using them I realize these things are here to stay. To be honest I dont even think they have scratched the surface yet.

Kettlebells have replaced entire dumbbell sets, even entire home gym systems. The fact that you can target any part of your body with simple exercises has really attracted the attention of many new users, regardless of age, weight & fitness condition. has really taken these things by the horn and started offering kettlebells at very reasonable rates! I would have to say it's probably the best pricing in Canada!

here is the link to their kettlebell page and accessory page :