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Horizon Elliptical Machines Provide a Total Body Workout

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It seems that people keep getting busier and busier with demands coming from all aspects of our lives. Work, family, social and community commitments, health and wellness objectives all seem to need our daily or weekly attention. With minimal time, how can we get a total body workout efficiently? One solution to consider adding to your weekly fitness routine is elliptical machines.

Elliptical Machines- Exercise Efficiently

Elliptical machines allow users to work harder and faster than other more traditional workout routines. The result is more calories burned and tighter muscle tone in less time. For those who live with hectic schedules, which seems to be everyone in today’s world, 20-30 minutes on these machines could provide the answer to your fitness goals without a significant time investment.

Whether you are looking to add a piece of equipment to your home gym, or for a fresh new routine to add when visiting your local health and fitness club, elliptical machines may be your answer.

The Benefits of Low-Impact Cardiovascular Exercise

Elliptical machines have grown in popularity due to their low-impact, cross-fitness capacities. Users can attempt multiple programs and resistance levels, adding variety to their routines. Low-impact aerobic activities put less strain on the user’s lower body, resulting in less injury or pain to some athletes. Low-impact elliptical machines offer the same cardiovascular benefits as running or walking without the pressure or strain on the legs and feet.

Resistance Training- Improving Bone Strength and Density

As adults age, one common health issue that needs to be addressed is the loss of bone density, often resulting in issues with osteoporosis. Recent studies suggest that weight-bearing exercises are effective at increasing one’s bone density. As a result, adults who engage in this type of activity experience fewer incidents of bone loss and a lower prevalence of osteoporosis than those who only focus on cardiovascular exercises.

When the resistance functions of elliptical machines are utilized, your body will experience the result of improved strength and bone density. The result while it may not result in the same outcomes in terms of physical appearance as lifting free weights, your body’s overall muscle tone and bone density will improve.

Everyone can capture the benefits of elliptical machines. Individuals of any fitness level can add this form of exercise to their weekly routines, capturing the benefits of low-impact cardiovascular exercise and bone density in less time than more traditional fitness routines.

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