Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tower 200 Canada : Get Bigger, Stronger and Faster

Tower 200!
If you're ready to get crazy, try out the Mother of All Workouts with our 11-minute body shredding routine, featuring Randy Couture's MMA-inspired moves like The Warrior, The Demon and The Freak!Add Tower 200 accessories to your order:
Tower 200 Straight Bar
Tower 200 Hand Grips
Tower 200 Power Cords
Tower 200 gets you in great shape like 5 time Mixed Martial Arts Champion Randy "The Natural" Couture:■11 Minutes "No Excuses"■200 lbs. Total Resistance■Over 200 Exercises■Limited Lifetime Warranty
Includes: ■(1) Tower 200 Unit■Tower 200 Hand Grips (1 pair)■Tower 200 Ankle Wraps (1 pair)■Starter Guide with over 200 Killer Exercises■DVDs: "11-minute, No Excuses, Mother of all Workouts", "Bonus Power Packs"■Two sided Tower 200 Exercise Chart
Success stories:
So I just got out of the Army and headed back to home sweet home in the country. I was going to the gym everyday in the Army but now the nearest gym is 45 minutes away. So I seen the Tower 200 on t.v. and decided I like the price, I should give it a try. So I get it and I’m watching the dvd and I‘m laughing thinking I'll just do the whole dvd at once. You know thinking I'm a real badass and all. Yeah well I just made it through the 11 minute workout and I’m done. The tower 200 just kicked my ass. So even though I haven’t gained 10 lbs of muscle yet, I’m sure I will pretty quick. The success in this story is that I got my gym now. It’s hanging from my closet door. Thanks Body by Jake. P.S. Randy your the champ and always will be in my eyes and all my buddies!!!"Billy – McArthur, OH"Well I would tell you, the Body by Jake Tower 200 works. I've been working out for more than 25 years and tried everything (machines/weights). I will say this - you get more tension and growth faster because of the constant resistance. It is everything and more that the advertising says, and is worth the money. You have less stress on your bones and tendons, no changing plates and the 11 minute per day absolutely is a hard workout if you apply yourself. I get size, tightness, strength and cardio all at once. There’s an imitator out now by Weider…remember you get what you pay for. I'm extremely happy and will order the accessories. Thank you Body By Jake. "Robert – Macon, GA"When I work out with the Tower 200, because of the way it is designed and the flexion in the bands, I can do about anything imaginable. My most appreciated results come from the full range of motion I can achieve with appropriate resistance all thru the range of motion, with arms or legs, standing or sitting…there is more resistance than I can imagine ever needing. I would like to extend my full appreciation to Jake, the Tower 200, and others that developed the Tower 200."Terry – Russellville, AR"You see so many commercials that try an lure you into buying products that don’t work. The Tower 200 will explode your workout routine. You will be able to train harder, get faster and get stronger every day. I never had any doubts since I got it. I can’t wait to show off my body for the summer! So do yourself a favor and order one!"Casey, Canton Ohio"My challenge and workout plan was to maintain my current weight of 200 pounds but lose body fat. I was at 17% and after working out for 10 - 30 mins. a day, five days a week, for 2 months; I am down to 195 and 13% body fat – a noticeable change and my stamina has increased by leaps and bounds. If you want a product that works, is compact, and demands you to push yourself; then I fully back and endorse the Body by Jake Tower 200."Justin – Fort Bragg, NC"The Tower 200 is the best, most affordable piece of workout equipment I ever bought, and that’s saying a lot because I invested in all kinds of fitness equipment. I'm the army and I also travel a lot, so the Tower 200 is so convenient for me to use – when I get off work I get right on the Tower 200 and go to work. I used to plan hotel stays around being close to a gym but now I don’t worry bout that cuz I pack my Tower 200 in my trunk and set it up in the hotel and never lose a work out day….I love the Tower 200 and it goes wherever I go and that’s real talk."


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