Friday, February 19, 2010

The Treadmill Factory - Fitness Accessories  - Step

The Treadmill Factory - Fitness Accessories - Step

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The "basic" step involves stepping first one foot then the other on top of the step and then stepping the first foot and then the other back to the floor. A "right basic" would involve stepping right foot up, then the left, then returning to the floor alternating right then left.Many instructors of step will switch immediately between different moves, for example between a right basic and a left basic without any intervening moves, forcing people to "tap" their foot instead of shifting weight. However, one form of step is called tap-free or smooth step in which feet always alternate without the ambiguous "taps" that can make learning step difficult for beginners. This requires a bit of foresight and planning by the instructor in order to insert a transitional or switching move that maintains the natural alternating weight shift akin to walking. For example, from a series of right basics one may insert a "knee up" (which involves stepping up and lifting the knee and returning the lifted leg to the ground, thereby switching feet) and then continuing to a left basic. However, this requires planning and the extra beats required for the transition move.Common Moves include:Basic StepCorner kneeRepeater kneeT-StepOver-the-TopLungesV-StepStraddle DownL-StepSplit StepI-Step

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