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Ab Circle Pro Canada

Ab Circle Pro Features:
Made with gym quality steel that’s built to last a lifetime!
Folds for easy storage under the bed or in the closet!
Three levels of resistance so it’s perfect for any fitness level!
Unique patent pending Friction Free Track gets you off the floor!
Not only will your Ab Circle Pro help you Lose Your Love Handles it will also help you workout and slim down your Buns, Hips and Thighs. Ab Circle Pro helps you burn fat and trim and tone your Buns, Hips, And Thighs Guaranteed!

Ab Circle Pro gets you off the ground and targets your entire core for a 360° workout!

Fast and easy way to help you get flat, washboard abs and the sexy V-shape you've always wanted.
Ab Circle Pro gets you off the ground and targets your entire core.
It will help workout your upper, middle, lower abs and obliques, all in one simple, fun, fat burning motion!
Key Features:

Unique, circular motion targets your entire core - obliques, upper and lower abs
Great for any fitness level - 3 levels of body toning resistance
Converts to bun and thigh leg toning machine with one simple adjustment
Made of Gym Quality steel
Folds for easy storage under beds and in closets
Unique Friction Free Track gets your workout off the Floor!
The Ab Circle Pro Reviews

Once you have made a decision to start exercising at home, the question is what equipment do you get to help you? There is a dizzying array of home exercise machines on the market, all offering to do different things. Should you get a treadmill or exercise bike or maybe a rowing machine? Or splash out and buy one of these enormous multi-gyms?

Unless you have studied to be a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer, this can be a real puzzlement ! Personally, I'd say that a machine that will do the job for you, without costing an arm and leg, is the Ab Circle Pro.
The Ab Circle Pro Combines Cardio With Abdominal Exercise
Helping with our modern lifestyle

With our modern lifestyle, the long hours we work and the amount of preprepared and junk food that we consume, taking regular exercise is essential. Put simply, we are getting fat fast! Statistics show that within the next 10 years nearly half of the population of the United States will be overweight or obese.

Being overweight restricts what activity you can do, make it even making it even easier to do nothing, and being obese opens the door to a range of life-restricting and even life-threatening conditions like diabetes and increased risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. We no longer walk anywhere, getting into the car simply to drive to the local store for a newspaper. And food is everywhere - all the wrong sort of food - high in fat, salt and sugar and low in nutrition, meaning shortly after we have eaten it we want more and so the cycle continues.

We need to break that cycle! No matter how busy your lifestyle, you should be able to find 20 to 30 minutes per day in which to do some exercise, and even this small amount, five days a week will make a difference. And here's where the Ab Circle Pro comes in. This is a compact, low-impact exercise machine that is easily stored, can be set up in seconds and will help with inch and weight-loss if used regularly and combined with other exercise and a reduced-calorie diet. The Ab Circle Pro combines cardio exercise with abdominal exercise, targeting the one part of our body where we want the most reduction!

Cracking The Mystery Of The Abs!
The Ab Circle solves the problem

Traditionally, exercises to strengthen and tone the stomach muscles meant lying on the floor attempting to do sit-ups. These are very hard to do correctly, usually resulting in an aching back, a sore neck and no muscle toning in the ab area at all! We take weeks in Pilates classes to teach beginners to do sit-ups correctly, encouraging them to pull their tummy downwards towards the floor while trying to make their lowest rib come closer to their hipbone, thus taking the pressure off the neck and shoulders.

Unconditioned abs that have maybe not been exercised for many years take time to respond; usually by lesson three, beginners are starting to get the hang of what is actually going on in their midsection, and once they have the idea, results come rapidly. Along with their unqualified delight in cracking the Mystery of the Abs!

The Ab Circle Pro neatly solves the problem of using the abs correctly by getting you up off the floor and into a supported position, kneeling on all fours. That's why this machine looks so weird! But the clever part of the Ab Circle Pro is that, once you are in position, your abdominals are exercised while keeping them flat, making an incorrect crunch impossible!

The Ab Circle Helps Support You
Friction free gliding!

The Ab Circle Pro slides along a friction-free gliding track from side to side working all your waist and tummy muscles at the same time as giving you cardiovascular exercise, which conditions your heart and lungs and burns calories for fat loss. The hand position of the Ab Circle Pro means that your shoulders, chest and arms also get a workout supporting the weight of your upper body; this is an excellent way of strengthening the arms and shoulders and building bone density to guard against brittle bones in later life.

The Ab Circle Pro Is Great But...
Giive it a helping hand :)

Many people have asked me questions regarding the Ab Circle Pro as in "Will it really give me the results that it says it will? And will I really noticed the difference in just two weeks?"

Well, all I can say to that is, using the Ab Circle Pro on its own for just a few minutes will make some difference, but not enough to give you radical changes to your body and your fitness levels. I see the Ab Circle Pro as an excellent part of a lifestyle change that involves a combination of overhauling your diet and changing very slightly the way you do things in your life.

As far as home exercising goes, the Ab Circle Pro rates well as it represents good value for money and is neat and compact enough to be used in even a small apartment, as it can be folded for storage under the bed or in the closet.

In my view, a perfect fitness regime would consist of three 30 minute sessions during the week - say, Monday Wednesday and Friday. Part of each of these sessions could be spent on the Ab Circle Pro, which combines cardio exercise with toning of the waist and stomach muscles, and because of the unique positioning on the Ab Circle Pro, your spine is kept in an optimum position and so are your abdominals.

Exercising with the correct form produces excellent results! For the remaining half of your workout I would suggest toning exercises such as squats and lunges and perhaps some work with dumbbells to tone and strengthen shoulders.

If you use the Ab Circle Pro in this way three times a week and on other days look for ways to add a little exercise into your life, such as not using the car unless you have to and always using stairs instead of taking the elevator, then you will indeed see amazing results within a short time.

The Ab Circle Is Good Value For Money
Much cheaper than a treadmill

The Ab Circle Pro costs just under $200; a fraction of the cost (and a fraction of the size) of a treadmill or multi-gym. Along with the machine you get a workout DVD and a guide to healthy eating (essential!). And that's not all. You can try the Ab Circle Pro in the privacy and comfort of your own home for 30 days for just $14.95. If you don't like your results by the end of that period, just send it back -- but I bet you won't want to!

The bottom line is, doing any exercise is a good thing. Use the Ab Circle Pro regularly, and will soon begin to see your weight drop and your shape change. You'll feel great and look fantastic!

Get The Ab Circle Pro Today!

All the best,

Carol J Bartram
(Personal Trainer)

I've Go A Bad Back Should I Buy The Ab Circle Pro - Q&A
Or a bad knee

Question I'm being asked questions like "I have a bad back / knees is the Ab Circle Pro suitable?"

Answer I would have to say no. If you have any physical issues you must speak with your health professional / Physiotherapist before you buy and use the Ab Circle Pro. In fact before you start any new exercise regime you should get clearance first. The only person who can advise you (because they have your medical history) is your health professional.

The Ab Circle Pro

Available in Canada, ships to : Toronto, Mississauga, London, Montreal, Calgary, Winniped, Vancouver, Alberta, Ontario Canada & More!

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