Friday, November 6, 2009

Bh T8PRO Canada review

Are you Kidding me??
How can one even compare a Lifefitness or Precor treadmill to the BH T8 Pro. A stronger warranty, a bigger more cushioned running area, and most importantly at half the price there is simply no machine in the market that is comparable to the BH T8 Pro. I have been using this machine for the past 6 months and as an avid runner I could not be more pleased with its performance. Equipped with an orthopedic cushioning system that leaves me feeling as if I’m running on air, a solid steel construction and a powerful 3.5 continuous horsepower motor, the BH T8 Pro is undoubtedly a superior treadmill. The closest machine even remotely comparable to the BH T8 Pro will cost you twice the price and more than likely give you a much less warranty. So you’re probably asking what’s the catch? Absolutely no catch! A lifetime motor and frame, 10 years parts and 5 years labour warranty threw any quality concerns out the door. Is this enough to convince you or should I mention that the BH T8 PRO is onl $2699!!

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